WordPress Page Speed Optimization

Is a slow website costing you sales and leads?

Slow websites kill your business in several ways.

SEO and Organic Ranking drop as page speed gets worse.

Ads cost more for slower sites because of perceived low quality.

Users leave before your page even loads, not a great result especially if you are paying for traffic.

What happens when I improve website speed?

In the very short term, your users will be happier, they will stick around longer, bounce less and convert at a higher rate.

You will be able to measure all of these changes in Google Analytics (which we can help you set up if you need us to).

Is Page Speed 100 Really Necessary?

Not at all. In lots of cases, you can ruin the customer experience by trying to get there.

Our team will get you the best possible page speed score without sacrificing your design or brand appeal.

How do we measure Page Speed?

To ensure you can rely on us and our work, we only use publicly accessible page speed tools like GTMetrix, WebPageTest, and Google’s PageSpeed Insights. We also monitor your Google search console to ensure your entire site is indexed entirely and that all the changes have been picked up and reflected in your results.