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Wordpress Optimisation

WordPress is incredibly flexible and easy to use. Unfortunately that makes it very easy to bloat and slow down and slow page speeds will hurt your search rankings and conversion rates. Let us jump in and clean and supercharge your install.


Fixing Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) since before Google gave it a name.

According to Google, there are five reasons why Cumulative Layout Shift happens:

Images without dimensions
Ads, embeds, and iframes without dimensions
Dynamically injected content
Web Fonts causing FOIT/FOUT
Actions waiting for a network response before updating DOM

Images and videos need to have the height and width dimensions declared in the HTML. With regard to responsive images, make sure that the different images sizes for the different viewports use the same aspect ratio.

We have been building sites with a WordPress component since 2004. First, as a blog attachment to a plain HTML site now as a headless content backend to next-gen systems.

We can custom build themes or start with something from ThemeForest. We don’t mind and neither should you. We can and will optimise any WordPress site for any niche or target audience. We know WordPress inside out and top to bottom. We will find the speed and efficiency savings wherever they are hiding and either fix them for you or advise your development team directly.

We have extensive experience with all of the most popular plugins and themes for food and travel bloggers, caching plugins like WP Rocket, LiteSpeed, WP Super Cache & W3 Total Cache. We


Our WordPress Toolkit

We often get asked what tools and plugin are our go-to for our own WordPress websites. Here is a shortlist to get you started.

Favourite WordPress Page Builder: Elementor Pro

We are familiar with Elementor, Page Builder and WPBakery Composer and while we are able to optimise all of them very easily we have found that Elementor creates the cleanest most modern and reliable code.

Favourite WordPress SEO Plugin: Math Rank

You read that correctly. We are giving math Rank the nod over Yoast. We have Yoast certificates and have installed it by default for 5 or 6 years now. Lately, though we have seen more and more Yoast functionality move to code and away from where normal business owners can change it. Take a look at Math Rank, you can import your Yoast settings and changing them is very easy (plus as we right this you could get all of the Yoast premium functionality for free on Math Rank)

Favourite WordPress Framework: Genesis

Still, the cleanest code from any framework and with so many hooks your developer will be able to get any design from Genesis that you like. if not call us, we are brilliant with it.

Favourite WordPress Theme: Phlox Pro

Less than 450 form ThemeForest and has more options than we know what to do with. Better yet the code is streamlined and as much as possible is left out of the final site. It also works well with Yoast and Math Mank and most caching plugins

Favourite WordPress Cache Plugin: Litespeed or WP Rocket

If your server supports it Litespeed is a brilliant plugin, sadly a lot of smaller hosting companies do not support it. In that case, go with WP Rocket, it has plenty of options and does a good job of keeping your site functional